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Simulating and analysing polymer flow during injection moulding through a mould to help identify sections of a component that may require redesigning.


Sprue injection gate is located at the top of the lid to allow for an even distribution of polymer per shot.


Calculating fill times, establishing injection presssure limits, evaluating pack time, and ensuring uniform filling of cavity has been achieved.


These are inevitable and will cause slight weaknesses in the structure. However, the main downside is the aesthetic defects this will cause.


Air traps seem to be occuring in this component due to extreme changes in wall thicknesses. Any air traps on the outer sections will not cause issues as these are points where the component meets the mould tool.


Sink marks are likely to occur in thicker sections of the part as indicated by the red sections. 


Thick sections, located far from injection location will take longer to cool and thus result in more material shrinkage. Ribs on top are also prone to shrinkage due to slightly thicker wall sections.

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