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30ft Catamaran

This was a two year boat building project which I designed and built along with my father.

Initial processes

Hull framework, nylon cord/mesh tensioning & fibre layup

During the construction of the boat hulls we experimented with the use of nylon cord and mesh as a form of reinforcing prior to proceeding with the fibreglass layup process. 



Hull polishing

Cleaning up of the bottom of the hulls before moving onto testing and further development.


The framework of the Hull is made up of 1.5 inch by 1 inch timber before having nylon cord and mesh tensioned.


Nylon cord and mesh provide structure for fibre layup. Three layers of fibre are laid on both the outside and inside of each hull. 


A close-up of the nylon cord and mesh laminated with fibreglass. The idea behind this was to help create a rib effect to ameliorate the strength of the structure.



Hull to top half connection & aesthetic evaluation

At this stage in the project, we had to reevaluate how we were going to connect the top and bottom half of the boat as it definitely needed improving if we wanted the boat to look less like a barge.

Interior design

Boat interior developed using SketchUp

As I was becoming more clued up with this form of CAD I was able to put together some 3D models of the cat to help accurately portray to the carpenters and builders how we wanted to do the interior.

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.15.56.png

Interior design

Interior manufacture

Kitchen layout design as informed by the SketchUp drawings.


Test run to Rubondo national park on Lake Victoria

With the boat more or less finalised, we took her out on the lake to a little island called Rubondo where we spent a couple days fishing - the perfect way of assessing how well she handles ! 

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