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In the near future approximately a quarter of the UK population will be of retirement age as the baby boom population ages.  An average retirement now lasts almost a quarter of a century and retirees often have the means to enjoy social, sporting and other recreational activities. The range of assistive devices currently available on the market for the general population is extensive.  However, many are poorly designed and opportunities exist for new designs which target people of retirement age and older. 


I was tasked with creating a cheese grater and garlic press for use by persons with reduced dexterity in their hands and fingers. My design solution would need to demonstrate an understanding of the limitations and difficulties faced by users with reduced dexterity by addressing the common problems faced. My solution should also consider the aesthetic of the product and be designed to differentiate itself in the market.  It should not be designed to look like a ‘medical device’.   Both items should complement one another in their form and aesthetic.



Materials mood board


Form mood board


Empathy studies

empathy 1.png

Using a standard cheese grater with the tape as shown made it clear just how difficult it is to use the product for people with reduced finger dexterity. The act of gripping both the cheese and cheese grater causes a lot of pain for the user. 

empathy 4.png
empathy 5_1_edited.jpg

Notes on what is preferred

  • Less use of just the fingers, more use of the whole arm

  • Forward rocking motion 

  • Side-to-side rocking motion offers interesting  design opportunities

  • Use of the palm rather than fingers

Concept presentations

Garlic press concept 2.jpg
Garlic press concept 1.jpg
concept 1.png
concept 2.png


Assistive Devices.png

Moving forward with the design, I wanted to make the pair of products fit together nicely to form a single aesthetic. I achieved this by incorporating the sweeping arc from my garlic press concept into the cheese grater. 


Card board model

model _edited.jpg
model 3_edited.jpg
model 2_edited.jpg

Final solution

cheese 1_edited.jpg
pressed main.png
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