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Jet ski conversions

 Project in progress

This is a small project I am undertaking with my father, where we are playing with the idea of putting 25hp outboard motors on the back of old and unused jetskis in Tanzania.

Initial Processes

Buying & cleaning up a couple old jet skis

With no steering or engine, and with holes in the hulls, the Jet skis were purchased cheaply. The holes were easily patched up and each ski was cleaned up so that the transom could be mounted to test how well they would work with an outboard motor mounted. 


Initial Processes

Mounting engines, adding pods & testing

In order to mount the engines, adjustments had to be made to the back of each ski; transoms were added for the engines and pods made to increase stability of the jet skis.


The jet ski is ready for the engine to be mounted for testing. Initial testing was done with the tiller arm, steering is yet to be connected properly. 


The transom was fitted using offcuts of a durable hardwood (Muninga) that we had available in the workshop. The bracket was bolted onto the main body and three layers of fibre were then laid over the wood and joined the ski body. 


After initial testing was done, it was apparent that the ski was extremely unstable. Pods were added to help with stability. They were constructed from 2mm plywood and enclosed with several layers of fibre glass. The pods were also filled with an expanding foam to increase buoyancy.  

Moving forward with the project


Connecting steering & throttle cables & painting

Once the steering and throttle cables had been correctly fitted, we set off with the finishing touches. This included: sanding, filling, and painting the body. 



Testing & adding extra features

Rubber seals were re-glued on storage hatches to prevent water from getting into the hulls. A stainless steel tube was bent and bolted onto the body so that rod holders and ski hooks can be mounted.

Current point of progess

Next steps...

Given the success of the products, we would like to continue experimenting with these outboard motor jet skis to come up with an efficient and aesthetic model from which we could then make moulds.  

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